About Author

Meet The Author S. McMichael

S. McMichael is a wife, mother, businesswoman, and disabled veteran with a love for children and animals. As a Mom of a competitive equestrian, she decide to create picture books about experiences she has observed watching her daughter, Savanna as she matures at Happenstance Farms. While she has limited experience in the equestrian world she is able to clearly see the life lessons that are experienced at the barn with ponies and the faithful K9 Eli. It has long been a goal of hers to write about the equestrian experiences of her daughter, ponies, Eli, and her friends at Happenstance Farms.


She hopes to enlighten children and parents that riding horses is much more than what you see. It teaches you patience, love, courage, empathy, work ethic, perseverance, responsibility, accountability, disappointment, sacrifice, respect, character, caring for others and so much more.